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Lyric Lane's

The Vinyl Countdown

Do you have a passion for vinyl records or consider yourself an enthusiast? This event is for you!

The Vinyl Countdown offers a unique experience for music fans! Enjoy a night out listening to your favourite songs - for free!

All you need to do is come down and if you have a favourite LP record, bring that too.

Enjoy a night of nostalgia and music with your friends and family.

Our fortnightly LP record night where we bring out the turntable and let you, our lovely patrons, choose what vinyl is played.
BYO LP records welcome
Want to be a host, put your name down
Yes, this is a free event

If you’re interested in hosting please contact us or swing by and say hi. 


The following Conditions apply to Vinyl Countdown evenings at Lyric’s:


  • Free entry to all

  • Evenings will generally be hosted with discretion over play list and order.

  • Host for evening receives a $50 bar tab

  • Host may allocate minimum of 8 album sides to themselves

  • Patrons may play their album sides with priority to bookings nominating albums

  • Booking at

  • Only music LPs will be considered which are to be played from start to finish

  • Offensive albums must not be played and is responsibility of owner

  • Management reserves right to filter selection but is not responsible for content

  • No replays permitted on the night

  • Record owner may request self or host to spin record

  • Operators to read operating instruction of turntable and only operate in accordance with those instructions

  • No drinks permitted near turntable station

  • Operators must be deemed clearly sober by management

  • Lyric’s take no responsibility for damage to any record

  • No “DJ styled” record manipulation

  • Negligent damage to TT responsibility of operator

  • Patrons be over 18-years unless accompanied by adult

Operating Instructions


  • Operation must be in accordance with the manufacturers manual

  • Tracking force and anti-skate has been set to suit cartridge … do not adjust.

  • Platter Start and Brake speed have been set at about 0.5 seconds.

  • Pitch will be set at 0% and may be adjusted to suit operator but must be returned to 0% at end of use for next operator. If you don’t understand, don’t touch it.

  • Only place LP on platter when it is stationary.

  • Press the start/stop button

  • Ensure lock on the tonearm is off

  • Ensure volume is low

  • Lift tonearm with the tonearm lift control lever

  • Position the tonearm over the desired start position on the LP

  • Lower the tonearm using the tonearm lift control lever to commence play

  • Adjust volume appropriately

  • When stopping, lower volume, lift tonearm with the tonearm lift control lever and place tonearm onto it’s rest

  • Press start/stop button and remove LP when platter is stationary


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