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Frequently Asked questions

Is Lyric's Bar open on Mondays and Tuesdays?
Lyric's Bar is open Wednesday & Thursday 4pm - 10:30pm, Friday & Saturday 11:30am - Midnight and Sunday 11:30am - 10:30pm
When is your kitchen open?
Our kitchen is ready to serve food from the minute we are open until late each night. Please note our kitchen closes at the following times:
Wednesday & Thursday at 9pm, Friday & Saturday at 10pm and Sunday at 8:30pm.
Does Lyric's Underground serve food?
Yes, our full menu is served in both Lyric's Bar (ground level) and Lyric's Underground (basement). Food orders for Lyric's Underground are best placed at the Underground bar where you will be given a table number and we will deliver your food to you.
When do you turn your coffee machine off?
If we are open, our coffee machine is on! It gets switched off at closing time.
Can I bring external food or beverages into the venue?
Unfortunately not, as we have a full kitchen and are a licenced venue we do not permit outside food and beverages this includes any form of alcohol.
Can I come and see Lyric's Underground?
Unfortunately we are unable to cater for patrons and guest to come and view Lyric's Underground without an appointment. If you are interested in hosting a function at Lyric's Underground please email
Is your venue wheelchair accessible?
Yes. Both Lyric's Bar and Lyric's Underground are wheelchair accessible via an elevator with both levels having universal and fully accessible restrooms.
Where can I smoke?
Lyric Lane as a whole does not permit smoking on site. If you wish to smoke we ask that you remain at least 6 meters away from any entry point and prefer smokers to be on the Guildford road end of the premises. 
Can I bring my dog to Lyrics?
Yes, we are more than happy to have your four legged friend at Lyrics. We ask that you please keep them outside and if you require a water bowl please ask our team.
Can my under 18 yr old child attend a show at Lyric's Underground?
Lyric's Bar and Lyric's Underground are both licenced premises which means persons under the age of 18 yrs are not permitted by themselves. The majority of our gigs are strictly 18 yrs +, however management may permit underage patrons to certain events under strict supervision and regulations. If there is a particular show that interests you we ask that you email us at
What kind of seating is there in Lyric's Underground?
Seating in Lyric's Underground varies as it depends on what the performer requests. It can be mix of low seats (bistro chairs) and high seats (bar stools), only high seats (bar stools) or standing (with a few stools around the outside of the room. If you require clarification for a specific show please contact us close to the show date. 
Can I reserve a table in Lyric's Underground?
Unfortunately we do not reserve seating in Lyric's Underground unless specified by the show organisers. It is on a first serve bases. If you specifically require seating for a personal/medical reason please contact us. 
Can I purchase a drink at Lyric's Bar and take it to Lyric's Underground?
Yes. It is the one liquor license, so you are welcome to move between levels with your beverages.
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